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What to expect

Therapy offers a safe, reliable relationship which, while offering support through change and crisis, can also be helpful in challenging unhelpful patterns both in thought and behaviour. It also offers a safe place for reflection.

Psychotherapy pays attention to any unconscious issues from your past which may have influence on the present, through the exploration of feelings, memories, thoughts and dreams. I will not give advice or tell you what to do but I will guide you in an exploration of yourself. The process of putting things into words within a therapeutic relationship can also go some way to changing how we feel about ourselves and help make sense of things which may be troubling to us. It attempts to increase your self-awareness, which, together with a different perspective may open up fresh insights leading to better self- understanding, which may allow for change.

Psychotherapy is a joint venture between both parties and requires commitment on both sides.


Free 30 minute introductory session. There is no obligation to book any further sessions, but if you decide you would like to work together after the first session, then all sessions thereafter are fifty minutes in length, typically on a weekly basis and are paid upfront. Initially we can contract for six to eight weeks and review after four.

Face to face sessions can be paid in advance by bank transfer or PayPal. Cash or cards are also acceptable after the session. Online counselling fees are paid before the session starts. I accept cash, PayPal and bank transfer.

Once you have completed the free introductory session and arranged your consultation with me by phone or email, please then pay for your consultation in advance below.

How to book

To arrange a consultation, please call or text me on: +44 (0)7590469381 or email:


If you or someone close to you are having difficult times and consider suicide, contact the Samaritan's.

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